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An easy way to learn 71 KJV Bible verses! Female vocals accompanied by piano, flute, and guitar.


 1. We Love Him


 2. By This We Know That We Love


 3. Herein Is Love


 4. Remember We Are Members


 5. Greater Love


 6. He That Loveth His Brother


 7. I Was Anhungered


 8. Withhold Not Good


 9. Charity


 10. Now the God Of Patience


 11. But Ye Beloved


 12. Comfort Yourselves


 13. They Ate Their Meat With Gladness


 14. As Touching Brotherly Love


 15. That Which We Have Seen


 16. Watch Ye


 17. If Ye Love Them Which Love You


 18. He Hath Chosen Us In Him


 19. We Have Known And Believed


 20. Knowledge Puffeth Up


 21. A New Commandment


 22. Serve One Another


 23. Let Brotherly Love Continue


 24. Love Your Enemies


 25. See That Ye Love


 26. The Lord Is Faithful


 27. Peace Be To The Brethren


 28. The Grace Of The Lord

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