Blessed Hope CD by Sharon Singers

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Sharon Singers is a mixed choir open to participants from the student body at Sharon Mennonite Bible Institute. This ever changing Mennonite choir blends well and has a youthful sound. Mostly traditional hymns, including My Jesus, I Love Thee and The Lily Of The Valley.


 1. Creation Praise


 2. Holy Is God the Lord


 3. To You, O Lord


 4. The Image Of God


 5. God Of Grace And God Of Glory


 6. Blessed Is The One Who Finds Wisdom


 7. Clap Your Hands, All You Nations


 8. My Jesus, I Love Thee


 9. Blessed Are The Men Who Fear Him


 10. Trust In The Lord


 11. He Is Coming, The Man Of Sorrows


 12. The Lilly Of The Valley


 13. Hosanna! Blessed Is He That Comes


 14. I Have Heard Thy Voice, Lord Jesus


 15. Ride The Chariot


 16. May The Peace Of God


 17. The Lord Will Rescue Me

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