Go Light Your World CD by Lebanon County Youth Chorus

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A cappella Mennonite youth chorus sings beautifully!


 1. O Come Ye Servants of the Lord


 2. O Worship the King


 3. The H Prayer


 4. Ride the Morning Winds


 5. The Battle Belongs to the Lord


 6. In Christ Alone


 7. Lean On Me


 8. I Surrender All


 9. Cast Thy Burden - He Giveth More Grace


 10. Bow the Knee


 11. One More Voice


 12. Well All Be There


 13. Praise the Lord Ye Heavens Adore Him


 14. Blessed Jesus


 15. Calm This Storm For Me


 16. When I Think of the Cross


 17. Savior Who Died For Me


 18. Galilean Easter Carol


 19. Go Light Your World


 20. Pierce My Ear


 21. Wonderful Merciful Savior


 22. Heavenly Sunlight


 23. The First Look

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