How Can I Keep From Singing? CD by MidOhio Chamber Players

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Mingled with the happiness of our pleasant days, we also experience disappointment and discouragement—and what is more, even sorrow and tragedy. When our heart is light and our spirits lifted, it is easy to sing. When we face despair and the heart is breaking, it is not. But it is precisely at those moments when we need to sing.

MidOhio Chamber Players is an orchestra ensemble comprised of both professional and accomplished pre-professional musicians, to which they owe their unique, exciting, and expressive sound. The collaborative interplay between both seasoned and younger talented players produces a lively dynamic that is fresh


 1. Prayer Before Singing


 2. Sing Praise to God Who Reigns Above


 3. Almighty and Everlasting God


 4. Down in the River to Pray


 5. Sanctus


 6. Singing / Ringing


 7. O What Lovingkindness


 8. Praise, My Soul, the King of Heaven


 9. Ode to God


 10. Praise Thou the Lord, the Almighty


 11. How Can I Keep from Singing?


 12. The Songs of Paradise and musically appealing.

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