Isaiah Songs CD - KJV Bible Verse Scripture by Heartsong Singables

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An easy way to memorize 47 Bible verses from Isaiah!  Word for word from the KJV Bible, includes a mix of male/female/child vocals accompanied by guitar, keyboard, and violin.  

This compilation includes 33 songs, 47 Bible verses, with song taken from all the other Singables CDs. 


  1. Sanctify the Lord of Hosts


 2. Behold God Is My Salvation


 3. Therefore With Joy


 4. Thou Wilt Keep Him


 5. The Way of the Just


 6. With My Soul


 7. Lord Thou Wilt Ordain


 8. The Meek Shall Increase


 9. Therefore Will the Lord Wait


 10. Thine Ear Shall Hear


 11. The Work of Righteousness


 12. O Lord Be Gracious


 13. Strengthen Ye the Weak Hands


 14. Behold The Lord God Will Come


 15. He Shall Feed His Flock


 16. Hast Thou Not Known


 17. Fear Thou Not


 18. I Will be With Thee


 19. I Will Carry You


 20. Remember The Former Things


 21. The Lord God Will Help Me


 22. Who Is Among You


 23. Fear Not For Thou Shalt


 24. For The Mountains Shall Depart


 25. All Thy Children


 26. No Weapon Formed


 27. Seek Ye The Lord


 28. Let The Wicked - He Will Abundantly Pardon


 29. As The Rain


 30. Ye Shall Go Out


 31. The Lord Shall Guide Thee


 32. Since The Beginning


 33. Thus Saith The Lord

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