Jonathan Park Series 1 - The Adventure Begins #1: The Secret of the Hidden Cave - Audio Drama CD

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In Jonathan Park: Adventure Series #1, Santa Fe is hit by a catastrophic storm! To survive, two families are driven to seek safety in an underground cavern with a secret that will change their lives. Later, the Eagle’s Nest Gang witnesses a robbery at the Museum of Ancient Art. It’s up to them to catch the thief, as the Park family travels to find artifacts that tell us about our past. Will either of them succeed?  Approximately 78 minutes; 3 episodes on 1 CD.

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  • Evidence for a World Wide Flood
  • How Dinosaurs Died
  • How Fossils are Made
  • The Tower of Babel - Diversification
  • The Essence of the Gospel - Rom. 10:9
  • God is Always With Us - Prov. 18:24
  • The Meaning of Integrity
  • Stand for Truth - Prov. 19:1

"Jonathan Park action-packed audio adventures are for kids and families. The stories are full of faith-building and educational evidence for a Creator. If your family enjoys imaginative and immersive stories packed with biblical truth, then Jonathan Park is for you!  If your kids have never experienced Jonathan Park faith-building audio adventures, we want to highly encourage you to try these stories that will ignite their imagination and equip them to defend their faith!" - Jonathan Park 
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