Jonathan Park Series 1 - The Adventure Begins #3: Art Heist Adventure - Audio Drama CD

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On their way to Roswell, New Mexico, the Park and Brenan families are stranded outside the city late one night. They end up in a retreat center run by "Utopians"— an alien cult! Will they find a way to escape from Utopia? Then later, Rusty, the bully of Painted Dunes Elementary School, just won't leave Jonathan alone. The quarrels finally lead to a dangerous “showdown” at the Santa Fe Museum of Ancient Art. Another day, the Park and Brenan families are going to an art show, and Katie is left behind to babysit Ryan. However, during a series of babysitting mishaps, Katie and Ryan uncover a devious plan to steal paintings from the art exhibit! 

To listen to sample clips of what Jonathan Park sounds like, click below: (may take a few seconds to load)  While this exact audio is from a variety of stories, if you are new to Jonathan Park it can give you an idea of the quality and depth of recordings:

  • UFO’s & Extraterrestrial Life
  • Macroevolution vs. Microevolution
  • Fibonacci Numbers and Patterns
  • The Golden Triangle, Ratio and Spiral
  • God is Faithful & Trustworthy
  • Trust God Over Man - John 17:17
  • God Works Things Out - Rom. 8:28
  • Love your Enemies - Matt. 5:44
"Jonathan Park action-packed audio adventures are for kids and families. The stories are full of faith-building and educational evidence for a Creator. If your family enjoys imaginative and immersive stories packed with biblical truth, then Jonathan Park is for you!  If your kids have never experienced Jonathan Park faith-building audio adventures, we want to highly encourage you to try these stories that will ignite their imagination and equip them to defend their faith!" - Jonathan Park 
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