Jonathan Park Series 2 - No Looking Back #3: The Talking Picture - Audio Drama CD

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After a diabetic episode, 8-year-old Ashley awakes to find herself locked inside a strange room with only a computer. The Eagle’s Nest Gang receives her stray email, and now it’s up to them to find her before her blood-sugar drops too lowThen later, artist Riley Sievers is helping Benjamin Park work on an invention when suddenly, he disappears! While police suspect Riley’s kidnapping is connected to his father’s campaign for Governor, the Eagle’s Nest Gang searches for Riley and the truth behind the mysteryNext, the mischievous Rusty plays an elaborate prank that backfires, leaving himself and the Park and Brenan families trapped inside a huge, scary mansion that holds secrets about the strange disappearance of Elizabeth McBane in 1902!

  • Scientific Theory
  • The Human Ear & the Design of Sound 
  • Classifying Animals
  •  4 Questions to Ask Evolutionists
  • Apologetics/Defending Faith - 1 Peter 3:15
  • Dealing with Fear - John 14:27
  • Danger of Greed - Luke 12:15
"Jonathan Park action-packed audio adventures are for kids and families. The stories are full of faith-building and educational evidence for a Creator. If your family enjoys imaginative and immersive stories packed with biblical truth, then Jonathan Park is for you!  If your kids have never experienced Jonathan Park faith-building audio adventures, we want to highly encourage you to try these stories that will ignite their imagination and equip them to defend their faith!" - Jonathan Park 
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