Jonathan Park Series 3 Set - Audio Drama CDs

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Jonathan Park The Winds of Change Series 3. Includes:

Album #1 - The Eye of the Storm

Album #2 - Temple of the Moon

Album #3 - The Midnight Prowler

Album #4 - The Wilderness Express

Jonathan and Thad take refuge during an electrical storm. The intense heat from a dangerously-close lightning strike forms several fulgurites. The boys want to put them on display in the Brenan Museum of Creation, but two men will stop at nothing to steal them because of their belief that they posses mysterious New-Age powers. Later, a powerful hurricane is headed toward Daytona Beach and the Park and Brenan families join a scientific mission to drop sensors into the eye of the storm! That’s when things go wrong, and the plane is forced to make an emergency landing right in the path of the storm! Join the two families as they fight to survive the wrath of Hurricane Ophelia!


- Weather Systems and Hypercanes

- Creation Model for the Flood

- Punctuated Equilibrium


- Truth Comes from God - Psalm 146:5-6

- The Word is a Lamp - Psalm 119:105

- Parents Instruct their Children - Deut. 6:6-7

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