Jonathan Park Series 3 - The Winds of Change #2: Temple of the Moon - Audio Drama CD

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The adventure continues where a powerful hurricane is headed toward Daytona Beach, and the Park and Brenan families join a scientific mission to drop sensors into the eye of the storm. That’s when things go wrong, and the plane is forced to make an emergency landing right in the path of the storm Join the two families as they fight to survive the wrath of Hurricane Ophelia! Later, a mysterious stranger offers to send the Park and Brenan families to the Royal Tombs in the ancient city of Ur They have three days to find an artifact that will shed light on the Tower of Babel account in Genesis, but Eli Bennet has vowed to find it first!


- The Ice Age

- Languages & their Origins

- Exploring Genetic Traits

- Tower of Babel Legends


- Obedience - Col. 3:20

- Trust in Jesus (the Gospel) - Eph. 1:12-14

- Teaching the Bible to Children - Deut. 6:6 & 7

- The Prodigal Son

- God's Relationship with Man

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