Jonathan Park Series 3 - The Winds of Change #3: The Midnight Prowler - Audio Drama CD

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The Parks and Brenans realize the need for a "Creation Response Team" — a group dedicated to revealing the truth of the Creator to the world. The group completes their training at the Grand Canyon, only to use their newfound skills against an intruder who steals some important fossils! Later on, author Pearce Davis has become a national celebrity. His best-selling books, TV appearances, and seminars are convincing the public that the Apollo Moon Missions were nothing more than a made-up Hollywood production. Now it’s up to the Creation Response Team to remind America of the truth– and up to Pearce Davis to stop them!


- Earth, the Moon & Our Solar System

- Gravity

- Formation of the Grand Canyon

- The Flood & Location of Fossils


- God's special role for women - Prov. 31:10 & 11

- God the Creator - Psalm 33:6

- Honor your Father & Mother - Exodus 20:12

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