Jonathan Park Series 4 - The Hunt for Beowulf #2: The Ancient City of the Jaguar - Audio Drama Cd

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With the Beowulf manuscript still missing, the CRT finds themselves in Mosinee, Wisconsin, where Evolutionists have made an amazing discovery - a fossilized jellyfish. The Creation Response Team must show the world how these fossils are evidence for Noah’s Flood. But when they arrive in town, strange things begin to happen. Could they have accidentally stumbled across a plot to overthrow the United States government? Later, the CRT pursues the Jaguar thief to the Mayan ruins of Chichén Itzá, a city of ancient temples and archeological wonders.The Creation Response Team stays with a local missionary family as they pursue the artifacts thief through the villages and jungles of the Yucatan Peninsula. Will the Creation Response Team recover the Beowulf manuscript from the Jaguar, or will they be outdone by their nemesis, Myles Morgan?


- Existence of Morality

- Design / Fossilization of Jellyfish

- Symbiotic Relationships in Nature

- The Problem of a "Figurative" Genesis Account


- The Absolute Truth of the Bible

- Freedom is God's Plan

- Tyranny vs. Freedom

- Man's Responsibility to Provide - 1 Tim 5:8

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