Jonathan Park Series 5 - The Explorer's Society #1: Dangerous Falls - Audio Drama CD

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The Creation Response Team is using their last funds to help with a video project at Niagara Falls. That’s when they meet the Explorer’s Society, an evolutionary team known for their outstanding contributions to science since 1850. And now, the Society’s survival-expert-turned-daredevil, Jack, is going to attempt to ride a jet-ski over the Falls! Join the adventure as the CRT goes head to head with the Explorer’s Society on the national TV show, “Battle of the Worldviews.” On their first challenge, sparks fly in the remote Burgess Shale of British Colombia as the Explorer’s Society and CRT face-off in a battle of worldviews over the origin of life. While there, a member from each team, Jessie Brenan and Shannon Hunt, find themselves stuck together in a dangerous ice crevasse, where they must work through their differences while awaiting rescue. As night falls, wolves begin to gather and Jessie shows signs of hypothermia. Will Jonathan be able to find help make it back before time runs out?


- Uniformitarianism

- Niagara Falls & Rates of Erosion

- Carbon Dating & other Methods

- The Cambrian Explosion

- Animal Classification


- Uniformitarianism - 2 Pet. 3:3-7

- Children of God - Eph. 2:10

- God's Provision - Psalm 37:4

- Defending the Faith - 1 Peter 3:15

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