Jonathan Park Series 5 - The Explorer's Society #2: Journey into the Blast Zone - Audio Drama Cd

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The journey continues where the Explorer’s Society and CRT face-off in a battle of worldviews over the origin of life in the Burgess Shale. Jessie and Shannon find themselves stuck in a dangerous ice crevasse, where they must work through their differences while awaiting rescue. As night falls, wolves begin to gather and Jessie shows signs of hypothermia. Will Jonathan be able to find help and make it back before time runs out? Later, a victory for the Creation Response Team would be a devastating blow to Myles Morgan, who is secretly getting commercial sponsors for the Explorer's Society. To guarantee his own victory, Myles weaves a plan to strand part of the team on top of the dangerous Mount St. Helens! How will the CRT get off the mountain to defeat their competition?


- Persistent Morphological Isolation

- The Evolutionary Tree

- Mt. St. Helens

- Rapid Volcanic Formations

- Yellowstone National Park


- Raising Children - Isaiah 54:13, Prov. 22:6

- Being Fully Committed to God - Rom. 12:1

- Being an Encourager - Heb. 3:13

- World's Wisdom is Foolishness to God

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