Jonathan Park Series 5 - The Explorer's Society #3: The Arctic Adventure - Audio Drama Cd

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The newly discovered Tiktaalik fossil takes both teams to the extreme North, up to Ellesmere Island. But the teams’ competition takes a back seat as Myles Morgan places the CRT in danger, forcing part of the team to retreat to safety. From there, things only get worse as Ryan and Katie’s helicopter goes down, stranding them in the barren wilderness, unbeknownst to the rest of the team! Will they be discovered before a treacherous storm blows in? Later, the two teams head out to sea to fight for their respective worldviews as they investigate black smokers and the origin of life. While scuba diving to repair the remote operated vehicle, Shannon finds herself in serious danger as Myles Morgan’s assistant sabotages the mission and she is dragged down into the depths by her ROV! Now Kendall, Angela, and Martha must come to her rescue while the rest of the CRT heads out on a life raft to chase after the saboteur!


- Evolutions Problem with Time

- Geologic & Morphological Sequences

- Law of Biogenesis

- Evolutionary Origin of Life Theories

- Designed Adaptation


- God's Design for Adaptation - Genesis 1:20-21

- God Directs our Path - Prov. 3:6

- God - Helper in Times of Trouble - Psalm 32:7

- Evidence of God is Everywhere - Rom. 1:20

- Labor for the Lord - 1 Cor. 15:58

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