Jonathan Park Series 5 - The Explorer's Society #4: Finish Strong - Audio Drama Cd

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The adventure continues where the two teams head out to sea to fight for their respective worldviews as they investigate black smokers and the origin of life. While scuba diving to repair the remote operated vehicle, Shannon finds herself in serious danger as Myles Morgan’s assistant sabotages the mission and she is dragged down into the depths by her ROV! Then later, as the two teams come to their final confrontation, Shannon’s defiant daughter, Elizabeth, joins the expedition to an exciting dinosaur graveyard in Germany. However, she disobeys her mother when she makes a dangerous journey deep inside the Rammelsberg Mine, propelling both mother and daughter into a fight for survival that will change their family forever.


- Origin of Life Dilemmas & Experiments

- Geologic Evidence for Oxygen

- Dinosaur Extinction & Fossil Graveyards


- Dominion Mandate - Genesis 1:28

- Compassion - Jude 1:22 & 23

- The Gospel/ "Romans Road" - Rom. 3:23, 6:23, 10:9-10

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