Jonathan Park Series 6 - The Journey Never Taken #3: The Search for the Beagle - Audio Drama CD

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One of the most famous voyages of all time was Charles Darwin’s expedition to the Galapagos Islands on the HMS Beagle. There was one more voyage, followed by a coast guard assignment, before the notorious vessel disappeared from history. That’s bad news for the Creation Response Team, who just discovered the next clue for the Polar Star Scavenger Hunt is buried in its hull! They must beat Trenton and Mitch in a race to rediscover the Beagle! Then later, the most recent clue lists four names – Miklos Lanick, Jiri Novak, Harvey Littleton, and Milton Puttock – that’s it. Who are these men, and when and where did they live? The Creation Response Team must decode the mystery behind each and find out what they have in common before the next clue will be revealed. But can they beat out their competition? It seems even less likely when Trenton and Mitch are joined by the CRT’s greatest nemesis!


- Mutations and Transmutations

- Charles Darwin and Natural Selection

- Age of Enlightenment

- Pangenesis & Genetics

- Neo-Darwinism


- Passing the Truth to Future Generations

- The Consequences of Rejecting God - Rom. 1:21-25

- Salvation - John 4:13, 42

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