Jonathan Park Series 7 - The Voyage Beyond #3: The Race for Space - Audio Drama CD

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As the Manta speeds back to base, the Creation Response Team confronts Alex DeMarcus about his real motivations and discovers a plot that runs much deeper than they realized. Join the CRT as they learn that their voyage into the deep was only to prepare them for an even bigger adventure! They will train for one of the most exciting missions of all time: a trip into the Great Beyond! As part of their mission, they will be competing against another team to complete the first spacewalk. But, unbeknownst to the CRT, they are also being opposed by their greatest enemy


- Oceanography

- Triune Universe = Creation of Space

- Time, Energy, & Matter

- The Law of Conservation

- Earth: Designed for Life


- Battle of the Mind - 2. Cor. 10:5

- Testing our Faith - James 1:3

- The Heavens Declare God's Glory

- Psalm 19:1 - Do Not Be Ashamed of the Gospel

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