Jonathan Park Series 7 - The Voyage Beyond #4: Pilgrimage of the Speedwell - Audio Drama CD

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The adventure continues where the Creation Response Team trains for one of the most exciting missions of all time: a trip into the Great Beyond! As part of their mission, they will be competing against another team to complete the first spacewalk. But, unbeknownst to the CRT, they are also being opposed by their greatest enemy. Then later, the CRT falls behind their rivals in the race and must move fast to catch up. Join the team as they propel the Speedwell into space and begin an exciting journey that ends in danger during a sabotaged spacewalk! Will they win the competition? Will the CRT even make it back to earth?


- Matter & Antimatter

- Age/Formation of Galaxy & Planets

- Spiral Density Waves

- Big Bang Theory


- God's Sovereignty & Unanswered Questions

- Job. 30:20 - Faith of Abraham- Heb. 11

- In the World & Not of It - John 17:15-18

- Man's Fallen Nature

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