Jonathan Park Series 8 - The Copper Scroll #1: Quest for the Second Copper Scroll - Audio Drama CD

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The Copper Scroll appears to reference a second scroll that contains important clues about where vast treasures are hidden. While visiting the Dead Sea Caves, Jonathan discovers an inscription that may lead the Creation Response Team to that second scroll. Meanwhile, Jim finds himself at a loss while debating a member of the “Free Thinkers Society.” Later, the hunt for the Second Scroll has led the CRT to the Old Testament city of Jericho. There they find compelling evidence that refutes past archeological assertions about the historical inaccuracy of the Bible. But, as Jonathan and the others get closer to the second scroll, they learn that not everyone is happy about their work! A group of self-proclaimed priests, the B’nai Essenes have vowed to stop the CRT at any cost!


- Dead Sea Scrolls

- The Copper Scroll

- The Isaiah Scroll

- Artifacts from Jericho


- Trusting God's Sovereignty

- Being Ready to Defend the Faith

- Relying on the Truth of Scripture

- Archeology Aligns with Scripture

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