Jonathan Park Series 8 - The Copper Scroll #2: Buried Treasure - Audio Drama CD

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The hunt continues for the Second Scroll which has led the CRT on a mission to the Old Testament city of Jericho. There they find compelling evidence that refutes past archeological assertions about the historical inaccuracy of the Bible. But, as Jonathan and the others get closer to the second scroll, they learn that not everyone is happy about their work! A group of self-proclaimed priests, the B’nai Essenes have vowed to stop the CRT at any cost! The British Museum houses some of the most exciting tablets ever discovered, and some of those tablets may help decipher the Copper Scroll. But when one of the Amarna Tablets is stolen, the museum blames Jonathan, Kendall, Akiva, and Ian – and denies them further access to the Museum’s artifacts! Who is behind these thefts? And why does Myles Morgan seem to be secretly tailing the team?


- The 2nd Copper Scroll

- The Jericho Quarry

- Evidence for Pontius Pilot

- The Taylor Prism


-Sharing the Gospel

- Fulfillment of Bible Prophecy

- The Battle is the Lord's

- The Inerrancy of Scripture

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