Jonathan Park Series 8 - The Copper Scroll #3: Wrath of the Desert Sands - Audio Drama CD

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The Copper Scroll has led the CRT to the biblical city of Shechem where they are investigating the Tomb of Joseph and Jacob’s Well. But the B’nai Essenes are close behind! Meanwhile, the team’s public support begins to wane as people grow impatient waiting for the treasure’s discovery. Can Jonathan and the rest of the team unlock the mystery before support runs out? Then later, the team discovers that various artifacts have been disappearing from archeological sites. While working at Mount Nebo, yet another robbery occurs! As they pursue the thief, Jonathan, Kendall, and Akiva get lost in the Negev desert and caught in a sand storm! When they awake, they learn some unexpected secrets about the Copper Scroll.


- Jacob's Well

- City of Shechem

- Mount Gerizim and Ebal

- Joseph's Tomb


- God's Promises are Always Fulfilled

- The Importance of Perseverance

- The Preservation of God's Word

- Salvation and Reconciliation through Christ

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