Jonathan Park Series 8 - The Copper Scroll #4: Operation Gezer - Audio Drama CD

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The journey continues as the CRT uncovers why various artifacts have been disappearing from archeological sites. While working at Mount Nebo, yet another robbery occurs. As they pursue the thief, Jonathan, Kendall, and Akiva get lost in the Negev desert and caught in a terrible sand storm! When they awake, they learn some unexpected secrets about the Copper Scroll. Later, the CRT finds out that Myles Morgan has been secretly tailing them from the very beginning. After kidnapping Jonathan and the others, Myles leads the CRT on an unexpected journey that ends in an action-packed showdown at the biblical city of Gezer! Meanwhile, Jim faces another challenge, as he faces-off with Dr. Maxwell in an internationally televised debate in Israel!


- Solomonic Gates

- Pool of the Arches

- Ketef Hinnom Scroll

- Mount Nebo


- Inspiration of Scripture

- Repentance

- Obedience

- Danger of compromise

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