Jonathan Park Series 9 - The Whispering Sphinx #2: Curse of the Nile - Audio Drama CD

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The journey continues as an unknown group led by a mysterious man, known only as the Effendi, is intimidating tourists and causing civil unrest. The CRT has learned that Dr. Howard’s work may hold the answer to their actions, and that he has hidden his research throughout Egypt. Meanwhile, the Junior CRT has discovered an ancient tablet at the Great Sphinx that seems to prophesy the coming of a new Egyptian leader! Later, the CRT – along with their faithful guide Akiva – continues to research Dr. Howard’s work of harmonizing Egyptian chronology with the biblical account. However, if increasing attacks from the "Brotherhood of Sobek” weren't enough, the CRT must fight for their lives against angry crocodiles on the Nile River! Furthermore, as the election for Egypt’s new president is heating up, the sinister General Karabo announces his candidacy.


- Dynasties of Egyptian History

- Old, Middle and New Kingdoms

- Giza Pyramids

- The Great Sphinx


- Relying on God

- Standing for Truth

- Faithfulness

- The Infalibility of Scripture

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