Jonathan Park Series 9 - The Whispering Sphinx #3: Ancient Opposition - Audio Drama CD

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General Karabo is now claiming the tablet found by the CRT prophecies him as the leader of Egypt. At the same time, the Great Sphinx is heard speaking to tourists, reporters, and scientists. No one knows how it’s possible. Meanwhile, the CRT’s plane is sabotaged in an attempt to stop them from finding more of Dr. Howard’s research, and crashes in the Sahara Desert! Then later, the Brotherhood of Sobek comes out in full force as they continue their attacks, including one on a local Christian church that has served as the headquarters for the CRT. Just as the team figures out how Dr. Howard’s work can save thousands of lives, part of the team is betrayed, and one of its members kidnapped!


- Pharaoh of the Exodus

- The Ten Plagues

- Where Israelites Crossed Red Sea

- Valley of the Kings


- Christ's Redemption

- The Power of God

- Sharing the Gospel

- Repentance

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