Jonathan Park Series 9 - The Whispering Sphinx #4: Danger Above the Dunes - Audio Drama CD

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The adventure continues as the Brotherhood of Sobek continues their attacks, including one on a local Christian church that has served as the headquarters for the CRT. Just as the team figures out how Dr. Howard’s work can save thousands of lives, part of the team is betrayed, and Kendall is kidnapped! Then later, popularity for General Karabo has become overwhelming, but the CRT has come face to face with who he really is. Now it’s up to them to stop him from becoming the next Egyptian president. Will they be able to overcome the Brotherhood of Sobek and show the tablet, the Whispering Sphinx, and Karabo to be a fraud?



- Divided Kingdoms of Israel and Judah

- Tomb of Thutmose III

- Nebuchadnezzar's Attack on Egypt

- Real Pharaoh of Exodus


- The Work of the Holy Spirit

- Fulfillment of Prophecy

- The Flesh Wars Against the Spirit

- Salvation and Victory in Christ

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