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DOWNLOAD MP3 - A cappella choir sings many favorite hymns.  This album is a combination of two previously released Prairie Chorister recordings. "Precious Memories" was recorded in 1966 and "There is a Calm" was recorded in 1981.  All proceeds are donated to charity, with a majority going to the Apostolic Christian Church Building Fund.

1. Morning Hymn
2. Be True!
3. Pure and Holy Love
4. Almost Persuaded
5. Knocking at the Door
6. Hear Thou My Prayer
7. Come Unto Me
8. The Christian Home
9. Angry Words! O Let them Never
10. I Need Thee Every Hour
11. Endure and Be Still
12. Love
13. God's Divine Compassion
14. There is a Calm
15. Joy Unspeakable
16. My Mother's Prayer
17. In Tenderness He Sought Me
18. More Like the Master
19. The Sermon on the Mount
20. Make Me More Perfect
21. Whisperings of Jesus
22. The Lord will Provide
23. Humility
24. In the Garden
25. A Lamb of Jesus
26. Going Home
27. Parting Hymn
28. Kind Words

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