Silas Marner - Audio Drama CD by Focus on the Family - Radio Theatre

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Having suffered the loss of his fiancee, friends, reputation and worst of all, his faith in God, Silas Marner finds his faith in gold. He stores it - even hoards it - until one day it's stolen. Devastation is replaced by a golden-haired, young girl who wins his heart. But, will this treasure be taken from him too? It's a timeless story of the simple power of a little girl's love and how it transformed one man's life. 

Length: 111 mins, 2 CDs

Age: 8+

(Please note: 8 is the minimum recommended age - in our opinion, older youth and adults would more enjoy and understand this audio.  Please use your own discretion with the children/youth in your life.) 

Disc 1:

1. Prologue
2. Lantern Yard
3. The Weaver of Raveloe
4. Dunstan and Godfrey
5. The Cost of Wildfire
6. Ive Been Robbed
7. Dunstans Disappearance
8. New Years Eve Dance
9. Molly
10. The Golden Girl

Disc 2:

1. Dr. Kimble
2. We called Her Eppie
3. A Bit Naughty
4. Cutting Down the Hedge
5. Eppie in the Coal Shed
6. Weaving a Pattern
7. Providence
8. Talk of Marriage
9. Everything Comes to Light
10. Eppie's Decision
11. The Wedding

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