The Search is Over/Telling the World (Part 2) CD by Miller Four

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Mennonite a cappella hymns, with a very beautiful harmony.  Sung by one of our favorite groups, the Miller Four, many of these songs have a lot of meaning and are sung with a sincere, reverent, expression of love.  These have been remastered from the original cassette recording.

1. Not Made With Hands
2. The Love of Jesus
3. Angels Are Encamping About Me
4. You Can See A Change
5. Reach Out to Jesus
6. I Want To Thank You Jesus
7. Peaceful Harbor
8. The Search Is Over
9. I Love You For Youre My Child
10. Rock of Ages
11. If We Forget God
12. I Found the Lily In My Valley
13. Home In Beulah Land
14. Gods In Control
15. The Middle Man
16. Love Them Home To Me
17. You Call Me Lord Lord
18. Fugitive From God - How Long Has it Been
19. The Brush

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