The Two Shall Be One CD by Heartsong Singables

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Soothing comfort of scripture, sung with accompaniment. An easy way to memorize bible verses from the KJV Bible. A collection of songs, from previous recordings, with scriptures to encourage a strong bond of marriage. Includes vocals, keyboard, guitar, and flute.


 1. For We Are Members


 2. Be Ye All Of One Mind


 3. Let Your Conversation Be


 4. Charity


 5. If Ye Forgive Man


 6. Be Kindly Affectioned


 7. Husbands Love Your Wives


 8. Wives Submit Yourselves


 9. And This I Pray


 10. Confess Your Faults


 11. Create In Me


 12. Except The Lord


 13. As Arrows


 14. Teach The Young Women


 15. So Ought Men


 16. That Our Sons


 17. Let Every Man


 18. Pleasant Words


 19. Thy Wife Shall Be


 20. Again I Say


 21. Wives Husbands


 22. Be Ye Kind


 23. He That Handleth


 24. For God Hath Not


 25. The Lord Shall Increase


 26. His Seed Shall Be Mighty


 27. All Thy Children


 28. Now The Lord of Peace


 29. And The Lord Make You


 30. Now The God Of Peace

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