Thy Meadow CD by For His Glory Publishing

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A beautiful collection of New Hymns written & composed by Taunia L Henry.  Sung a cappella by various church choirs and ensembles.  These new hymns are published in the hymnbook, "For His Glory" Hymns of Praise, Signature Collection -- Volume 1.

All profits from this CD will be donated to the following Christian charities: Apostolic Christian World Relief, Christian Aid Ministries, Lifesong for Orphans and Shared Hope International.

Be sure to listen to "Thou Art the Rock" and "Thy Meadow" - my favorites!

1. Thy Meadow - Stollers & Friend
2. Keep Me Separate - Heartland Quartet
3. Awake, Arise, Rejoice! - Washington Choir
4. The Song of a Child - Joyful Chorus
5. The Supper of the Lamb - Brethren Octet
6. The Day of Grace - Washington Choir
7. Worth Striving For - Three-Fold Chord
8. His Ways - Stollers & Friend
9. March On - Brethren Octet
10. This is the Day - Central IL Choir
11. Come and See - Washington Choir
12. How Greatly Thou Hast Loved - Three-Fold Chord
13. Thou Art the Rock - Heartland Quartet
14. Psalm 148 - Bloomington Choir
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