What a Wondrous Love CD by Message Of Hope

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Men's 4-part harmony, a cappella, records the journey of a Christian's life - A holy recognition, Jesus' Birth, his suffering, death, and glorious resurrection, on to a Christian walking the 'Holy Highway', Jesus' return, and then the final home in heaven!  A thoughtful and neat selection of hymns!  


 1. Holy Ground


 2. Glory Hallelu


 3. Good News


 4. Tiny Little Baby


 5. Along The Rugged Roadside


 6. In The Cold Dark Tomb


 7. Christ Arose


 8. Wayside Wells


 9. Christ Our Rock


 10. Holy Highway


 11. Will It Be You


 12. When Jesus Comes


 13. Everybody Will Be Happy


 14. The Heavenly Parade


 15. Benediction

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