Wings As Eagles CD by Lebanon County Youth Chorus

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A cappella Mennonite youth chorus sings beautifully!


 1. Shout To The Lord


 2. Humble Yourself Before The Lord


 3. Shine On Us


 4. For God So Loved Us


 5. How Shall A King Come


 6. A Name I Highly Treasure


 7. He Is The Way


 8. Is There A Heart Oerbound By Sorrow


 9. Hard Trials Will Soon Be Over


 10. We Thank Thee Lord


 11. Blood Washed Band


 12. He Is Exalted


 13. Sing We Now The Praises


 14. Garden Of Gethsemane


 15. Then Came The Morning


 16. Who Would Leave A Kingdom


 17. The Light Of The World


 18. Wings As Eagles


 19. Where He Leads Me


 20. Alpha And Omega


 21. The Lord Bless You And Keep You

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