Zion's Harp CD 11 by Apostolic Christian Singers

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A cappella mixed group; eleventh in a set of 16. Includes hymns 161-176 in the Zion's Harp, plus a booklet with information on the history, authors, and composers of each hymn.  It is the plan to release the remaining CDs over the next few years.


 1. Look Upon Jesus


 2. Baptism In Christ


 3. The Covenant Of Grace


 4. The Image Of Christ


 5. Children's Praise


 6. Morning Hymn


 7. Jesus, The Friend Of Children


 8. Tarry Not!


 9. A Blessed Man


 10. At Home 'Tis Well!


 11. The Cross


 12. Be True!


 13. Heart's Wish


 14. The Power Of Prayer


 15. The Faith Of The Fathers


 16. The Word Of Life

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