Zion's Harp CD 12 by Apostolic Christian Singers

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A cappella mixed group; twelfth in a set of 16. Includes hymns 177-192 in the Zion's Harp, plus a booklet with information on the history, authors, and composers of each hymn.  It is the plan to release the remaining CDs over the next few years.


 1. Confidence


 2. Life And Full Abundance In Jesus


 3. Faithfulness In Small Things


 4. Father, Son, And Holy Ghost


 5. Unity In Love


 6. To My Redeemer


 7. Christ The Resurrected


 8. Behold The Lamb Of God


 9. The Journey To Zion


 10. Humility


 11. The New Birth Of Water And Spirit


 12. Redeeming Our Time


 13. Intercession


 14. Adoration


 15. Now And Then


 16. Awake, Ye Witnesses

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