Heritage of Faith: Teacher's Guide (2 Free Items Included)

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A Teacher's Guide to the Heritage of Faith History course, 366 pages; includes course explanation with 44 lesson plans, answers to the student's workbook, vocabulary and review activities, and assessments.  Teaching helps, discussion questions, and timeline/map activities are also included.

2 FREE Items: Additional Resources Booklet, plus a coordinating Timeline (choose the option for large or small)

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Teacher's Guide Excerpts

The Heritage of Faith history book is written at a junior high level, but many of the concepts presented may be best understood by those in high school.  It is designed to be taught in one semester or could be extended to two semesters.  A student workbook is available as a consumable with 132 pages.

This course is not intended to be all-encompassing but rather is viewed as a springboard where more learning can take place; the included Additional Resources booklet is available for further reading and research.

Developed by a team of Apostolic Christian brethren which included school teachers, historians, various elders, and those skilled in design, editing, and formatting, the Heritage of Faith course is a wonderful resource for those who wish to learn more of the history of our precious faith.

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