Hymns of Comfort CD by Prairie Choristers

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This cd is a combination of two previously released Prairie Chorister recordings that were unavailable on CD. "The Home Over There" was recorded in 1965 and "Beyond the Sunset" in 1993.

All proceeds are donated to charity, with a majority going to the Apostolic Christian Church Building Fund.


 1. The Home Over There


 2. Know Ye That Land


 3. Yearning for the Homeland


 4. Twill Not be Long


 5. There is a Land


 6. Must I Go and Empty Handed?


 7. Beautiful Valley of Eden


 8. Who are They Before God Standing?


 9. Safe in the Arms of Jesus


 10. No Night There


 11. Sweet By and By


 12. Let me Go


 13. The Home of the Soul


 14. When the Mists have Rolled Away


 15. At Home 'Tis Well


 16. There'll Be No Dark Valley


 17. The Christian's Good Night


 18. Gathering Buds


 19. Sometime We'll Understand


 20. This World is not My Home


 21. Beyond the Sunset


 22. We are Going Down the Valley


 23. We'll Meet Each Other There


 24. At the Grave of the Righteous


 25. Twilight is Stealing


 26. The Holy Hills of Heaven


 27. We Shall Sleep by not Forever


 28. Carried by the Angels


 29. We'll Never Say Goodbye

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