Jesus Bids Us Shine CD by The Joyful Life

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 1. Jesus Bids Us Shine


 2. God Sees the Little Sparrow Fall


 3. The Wise Man and the Foolish Man


 4. Whisper a Prayer


 5. This Little Light of Mine


 6. Give Me Oil In My Lamp


 7. Jesus Heals the Broken-Hearted


 8. Dare to be a Daniel


 9. The Birds Upon the Treetop


 10. The Happy Day Express


 11. Little Hands


 12. My Name is in the Bible


 13. Jesus Loves Me


 14. Isn't He Wonderful


 15. What Can Little Children Do


 16. A Happy Helper


 17. How Do I Keep Happy


 18. I Love Jesus Yes I Do


 19. Jesus Loves the Little Ones


 20. Oh Be Careful


 21. Safe Am I


 22. God Loves Our Voices Too


 23. One Door And Only One


 24. Oh I must Be Good


 25. I Can Spell a Lovely Name


 26. Jesus Loves the Little Children


 27. God Is Always Near Me


 28. I Have the Joy


 29. When He Cometh

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1 Review

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    wonderful for kids (and adults too!)

    Posted by Angela on 30th Aug 2014

    Excellent music for children to listen to. Someone gave the cassette version of this CD to my family when I was a kid and we loved it! We listened to it all the time. When I saw there was a CD version I had to be sure all of my nieces and nephews had one to listen to!

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