Reflection (James 3-5) MP3 by Heartsong Singables



Soothing comfort of scripture, sung with accompaniment. An easy way to memorize verses from the Bible!


 1. My Brethren


 2. Behold We Put Bits


 3. And the Tongue


 4. For Every Kind


 5. Doth a Fountain


 6. Who is a Wise Man


 7. For Where Envying


 8. From Whence Come Wars


 9. Ye Adulterers


 10. He Giveth More Grace


 11. Draw Nigh Unto God


 12. Be Afflicted and Mourn


 13. Speak Not Evil


 14. There is One Lawgiver


 15. Go to Now


 16. But Now


 17. Go to Now ye Rich


 18. Behold the Hire


 19. Ye Have


 20. Be Patient Therefore


 21. Grudge Not


 22. Take My Brethren


 23. Happy


 24. Ye Have Heard


 25. But Above All


 26. Is Any Among you Afflicted


 27. Confess Your Faults


 28. Elias Was a Man


 29. Brethren If

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