Singable ABC Bible Songs, Vol 2 CD by Heartsong Singables

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Learning ABC's with fun musical additions for each letter!  (Accordian, dulcimer, harmonica, etc)

1. A Merry Heart (accordian)
2. Better Is  (bongo drums)
3. Cup of Cold Water (clarinet)
4. Do All to the Glory of God (dulcimer)
5. Even Everyone (English horn)
6. Fear God (flute)
7. Grudge Not (guitar)
8. Happy (harmonica)
9. I Will Sing (Irish tin whistle)
10. Joy And Gladness (jingle bells)
11. Kingdom (kazoo)
12. Light (lyre)
13. Meat (maracas)
14. Not by Might (nose flute)
15. O That There Were (oboe)
16. Peace (piccolo)
17. Quickly (quacker)
18. Righteous (recorder)
19. Sleep (sax)
20. Take No Thought (trumpet)
21. The Upright (ukulele)
22. Verily Verily (viola)
23. We Must All Appear (whistle)
24. Foxes (xylophone)
25. Ye Shall Know the Truth (yodel)
26. Zealous (zither)
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