The Homeward Journey CD by Apostolic Christian Group

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"Resulting from a desire to preserve historic hymns in the German Alte Lieder and Heft hymn books, the Zion's Melodies hymnal was first published in 2005. Hymns in this book were sung in Apostolic Christian churches in past years, but had not been translated by Apostolic Christian brethren. Other hymns in the German books had been translated in the past and formed the basis of the Hymns of Zion hymnal. The Heft/Alte Lieder committee of brothers and sisters form the Apostolic Christian Church of America was formed and, over several years, completed the translation and creation of the hymnal. We pray that God's blessings will continue, even as we have felt His Hand guiding the work."

A message from the musicians:

This recording is not for profit; all proceeds above expenses will be donated to The Good Samaritan Fund of Fairview Haven Nursing Home, Fairbury, IL 61739. Thank you for your charitable support!

1. Faith In God
2. Holy is the Lord
3. Where Shall I Go?
4. My Saviour is My Pilot True
5. Great is the Lord
6. The Heavens Are Praising
7. The Sea of Eternity
8. Rise, O Soul
9. There in Gethsemane
10. Ye Shall Reign With Me
11. Behold How Beauteous and Pleasant
12. Gentle
13. The Homeward Journey
14. The Homeland in Heaven Draws Me
15. Come to the Homeland
16. Prayer in the Night
17. Unity

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