We Have This Moment Today CD

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Sung by youth in Central IL, this children's CD has 20 songs and hymns encouraging and teaching a Godly life through songs such as The Beatitudes, Read God's Word, I'd Rather Have Jesus, and The Family Bible.  Includes a cappella, guitar, and piano.

1. We Have This Moment, Today
2. The Fire Song
3. Stretchin' the Truth
4. What a Friend
5. Read God's Word
6. Open Up Your Heart
7. The Beatitudes
8. Christian Friendship
9. Countdown
10. Only A Boy Named David
11. Whatsoever Things Are True
12. Free Waters
13. The Orderliness Song
14. The Lord Is My Shepherd
15. The Family Bible
16. I'd Rather Have Jesus
17. A Prayer to Jesus
18. Happy Attitudes
19. A Soldier for Jesus
20. Who Shall Separate Us

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