All Good Gifts CD by Prairie Choristers

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"It is our prayer, as in previous recordings, that these hymns will be a blessing to those who hear them, and an honor to God." Prairie Choristers, Roanoke, IL. All proceeds are donated to charity, with a majority going to the Apostolic Christian Church Building Fund.


 1. I Sing the Mighty Power of God


 2. Wonderful Words of Life


 3. My Jesus, I Love Thee


 4. Fill My Cup, Lord


 5. Love Toward Jesus


 6. There Is a Balm


 7. It's Always Darkest Before the Dawn


 8. Prayer


 9. Lord, I Have Shut the Door


 10. True Evangelical Faith


 11. The Call for Laborers


 12. We Will Glorify


 13. For God So Loved the World


 14. Train Up A Child


 15. Wait and Murmur Not


 16. We Plow the Fields


 17. More Holiness Give Me


 18. He Is Knocking


 19. Will You Be Among the Missing?

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