Everyone Dies by Karen Martin, BSN

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Karen Martin has had so many experiences as a hospice nurse over twenty-five years that she arrived at a place where she knew she had to share what she’s seen and learned about death with others. Everyone Dies reveals stories of love, hope, despair, joy, and sorrow. Some of the author’s experiences are encouraging, some are happy, some are heartbreaking, but each one taught her as well as the patients and families she’s cared for valuable lessons.. The book includes periodic poetry breaks to share how the author felt as she went through each of her experiences. Whether you just like real-life stories, have someone you love who is walking or walked the hospice journey, are a student nurse or further along in your journey of caring for people at the end of life, you’ll agree that every day is a gift after reading this book. In caring for others, the author has received so much more than she’s given. God has been at her side the entire way, and she gives Jesus all the glory.

120 pages, softcover - Published 2/12/2024

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