Exciting Events Vol 14 Audio CDs by Your Story Hour

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Travel with Missionary Explorer Dr. David Livingstone as he ventures deep into the interior of 19th-century Africa. Over a three-decade 40,000-mile trek across the African continent he endures deserts, jungles, recurring malaria, a savage lion mauling, and harassment by the Boers who despised Livingstone because he defended the African people and hated the slave trade.

During the mid-to-late 1800s thousands of orphans fended for themselves on the tough streets of New York City. Follow the journey of three young siblings determined to stay together as they ride the "Orphan Train" westward, hoping for adoptive homes and a new start.

Silvia learns to play the piano after discovering a community piano in her school, and receives a heart-warming surprise in "A Home for Rocky".

"Random Hearts" reminds us this world would be a better place if we all performed random acts of kindness.

In "Heinie's Long Journey Home" a young immigrant boy escapes from a Chicago orphanage to search for his family.

3 CDs; 3 hours total. Narrated by Aunt Carole and hosted by Uncle Jon & Aunt Nikki. 

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