Fight The Good Fight CD/MP3 by Heartsong Singables

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50 KJV Bible verses set to song, to help us grow spiritually!  Includes female/children's vocals, guitar, keyboard, and violin.


 1. Thou Therefore Endure


 2. Let Us Consider


 3. Run to Obtain the Prize


 4. Having a Good Conscience


 5. If Our Heart


 6. Enter Ye In At the Strait Gate


 7. Preach the Word


 8. There is Nothing from Without


 9. Let No Corrupt Communication


 10. Beware Lest Any Man Spoil You


 11. Watch and Be Sober


 12. Let Us Not Judge


 13. Be Not Envious


 14. Receive the Engrafted Word


 15. Whosoever is Born of God


 16. We Ought to Give Heed


 17. Hear Counsel


 18. Be Ye Kind


 19. Let Your Light So Shine


 20. Devise Not Evil


 21. A Man of Great Wrath


 22. Look To Yourselves


 23. Let Your Moderation Be Known


 24. Fulfill Ye My Joy


 25. Fight The Good Fight of Faith

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