Great Stories Vol 12 Audio CDs by Your Story Hour

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This latest album contains 12 fully dramatized, true-to-life, character building adventures exemplifying the high moral values so necessary for successful living.

Your children will not easily forget the impression made and the lessons learned as they listen to these exciting stories, enabling them to build a foundation of spiritual sensitivity, high achievement, and responsible citizenship. Some of life lessons learned are: standing for right, unselfish love, keeping a promise, and teenage peer pressure.

(Each CD is approximately one-hour in length.)


Stories Included:

Title Description
Child of Privilege (Lottie Moon Part 1) A child of well-to-do, religious parents, who turned her back on religion, only to discover that her destiny lay in taking the Gospel to the people of China (part 1)
Woman of China (Lottie Moon Part 2)  
The Promise in the Woods (Lillian Trasher Part 1) As a young girl Lillian gave her heart to God.  Little did she realize that God would eventually lead her to become a missionary to Egypt where she became the “mother” to thousands of Egyptian orphans (part 1)
Mama Lillian (Lillian Trasher Part 2)  
Mary Jane's Dream (Mary Bethune Part 1) The child of former slaves, Mary yearned for an education in spite of the almost impossible odds she faced. Not only did she go to school herself, but she became a leader for her people and was able to provide schooling for other African American children (part 1)
The Dollar and a Half School (Mary Bethune Part 2)  
Mayala, The Congo Chief An African chief displays his new-found faith in Jesus
The Kidnapping of Jemima Boone The adventures of Daniel Boone's kidnapped daughter
Let's Play Ball A young leukemia patient experiences the support of his baseball team
When Angels Come A mother and her son are helped by a mysterious truck driver
The Good-for-Nothing Mutt A stray dog becomes a neighborhood hero
A Man Called Schafer & Boomer the Bulldog Includes two stories: A rancher searches for a lost sheep and a bulldog repays the kindness of being adopted
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