Grow MP3 by Reclaimed Men's Choir

  • Grow MP3 by Reclaimed Men's Choir
  • Grow MP3 by Reclaimed Men's Choir


Beautiful men's choir singing encouraging hymns as a tribute to their childhood and those who planted seeds of integrity in their lives. Their prayer is that these songs may inspire you to plant the Seeds of God's Truth in your life and the lives of those around you.


 1. Thank You, Lord


 2. Open The Door for the Children


 3. Let Us Sing Together


 4. Jesus, Loves Me


 5. Whisper A Prayer


 6. This Is The Day


 7. Seeds That Good Farmers Sow


 8. The Body Song


 9. Dare To Be A Daniel


 10. Building Up The Temple


 11. He's Still Working On Me


 12. I Shall Not Be Moved


 13. The Prayer My Mother Taught Me


 14. He's Got The Whole World


 15. This Is My Fathers World


 16. Shine Medley


 17. Father, I Adore You


 18. God Is So Good


 19. Joy Medley


 20. Daddy, Will You Be There For Me


 21. Akanamandla


 22. Praying For Me


 23. Do Lord


 24. Soon And Very Soon


 25. Savior, Hear Us, We Pray

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