Heritage of Faith: A History of the Church With An Apostolic Christian Focus

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This colorful, hardbound book is an easy read for junior and high school students, families, and anyone interested in an overview of the Christian faith from the time of Christ to the present.  With 10 units divided into 44 lessons, the course includes the beginning of the Apostolic Christian Church in the 1800s in Europe and follows its development and spread across America.  Teacher's Guide and Student Workbooks are also available.  Published by Heritage Press, 357 pages.

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents:
Unit One - The Early Church of the Apostles (from the time of Christ to AD 300)
Culture of the Early Christian Era, Martyrdom of the Apostles, Persecution of Christians, and Early Church Fathers

Unit Two - The Church in the Middle Ages and Reformation Era (AD 300 - 1700)
Deterioration of the Church, Visible Church in the Middle Ages, Flame of Faith in the Middle Ages, The Reformation, Aftereffects of the Reformation

Unit Three - The Anabaptist Movement (AD 1500 - 1800)
The Beginning of the Anabaptists in Switzerland, Anabaptist Beliefs and Persecutions, Anabaptist Presence in Europe and America, Martyrs' Mirror

Unit Four - Froehlich and the Founding of the Apostolic Christian Church (AD 1803 - 1857)
Froehlich's Early Life, Conversion, And Ministry, Froehlich's Journeys in Switzerland, Persecution of Froehlich and Fellow Believers, Founding of the Evangelical Baptist Churches, Writings of Samuel H Froehlich

Unit Five - The Spread of the Church into Eastern Europe (AD 1840 - Present)
Founding of the Nazarene Church in Hungary, The Expansion of the Nazarenes across Hungary and Beyond, How the Faith Arrived in the Ukraine and Influenced Russia, Eastern European Nazarenes in Modern Times

Unit Six - The Beginning of the Apostolic Christian Church in America (AD 1847 - 1852)
Establishment of the Church in America, Five Forefathers in Early America, Earliest Churches in America, Immigration to America

Unit Seven - The Expansion of the Apostolic Christian Church across America (1852 - Present)
Development of the Churches Across America, Military Service, Challenges in the Church, Patterns of Worship, Historical Outreach

Unit Eight - Local Apostolic Christian Church History
First Local Believers, First Local Leaders, Significant Historical Events,  History through Primary Sources

Unit Nine - How the Bible Came To Us
Who Penned the Bible, Bible Translations, The Authorized King James Version, Validity of the Bible

Unit Ten - Sacred Hymnology (from AD 29 to the Present)
History of Hymnology, History of the Zion's Harp, Lyrics and Music of the Zion's Harp, Blessings of the Zion's Harp, Other Apostolic Christian Hymnals

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