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  • Ladies' Journal - Christian Women of Faith Magazine
  • Ladies' Journal - Christian Women of Faith Magazine


Ladies' Journal is a bimonthly magazine, filled with encouragement, tips, and inspiration, written by women of faith, for every stage of life.  Regular articles include such titles: Words of a Widow, The Golden Years, Out of Africa, Reflections of Motherhood, Herb Nook, Down on the Farm, A Message from a Caregiver, Texas Trivia, Dealing with Depression, Our Children Our Gems, Joyful Single's Life, and Miraculous Moments.  68 pages.
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PO Box 138

Loysville, PA 17047

Phone: 717-789-3288  Be sure to mention you heard about their magazine from Melt the Heart!

Reader responses:

"Thank you for the efforts you put into this magazine!  It is with interest we follow the lives of the writers and as we rejoice and sympathize with them." -- a reader

"I have really enjoyed reading the many bits of encouragement from Ladies' Journal.  Many times I can relate so well to the situations and stories!  I loved reading the saga about hosting a foreign exchange student... getting a glimpse of another culture in Africa... understanding the struggles of being single/widowed/childless/etc... and just the encouragement in general to young mothers has been helpful!  I look forward to reading more from Ladies' Journal, keep up the great work!" - Paula Kelson

"One of the best parts of your stories is reading about the authors and where they live, ages, children, what they do and their interests.  I read that part first and it makes the article even more real!" -- a reader

"I always look forward to seeing Ladies' Journal in my mailbox.  The only thing I don't like, is it doesn't come often enough.  Thanks for publishing a magazine that's well-worth reading!" -- a reader



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